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Anonymous 4/11/21


I was reading up on your website when I noticed that you have partnered with PT. Videx Indonesia. There isn't much about that company online so i was wondering if they are genuinely sourcing their Silicone sustainably and more importantly, without harming and short selling their workers. Are you able to tell me more about this company and if they are in fact fair trade. In addition, can you also point me to a place where I can read more about PT. Videx Indonesia?

Thank you very much for your time!

May the Lord guide your business and help you mold the industry in which you operate better.


Thanks so much for your question! We purchased the silicone from PT. Videx through our factory partner Hojeon and we required documentation that their environmental processes met our guidelines (such as being ZDHC compliant). Following that, we had Hohenstein Institute validate the actual silicone material to confirm that there were no harmful substances. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were not able to visit PT. Videx on site, but based on our relationship with Hojeon and the prior relationship between Hojeon and PT. Videx, we moved forward with their silicone. Once Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted we will be conducting an on-site audit to confirm social compliance.

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